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Ashley was such a big help in planning our dream day, especially since we only had five months! While our venue package had a coordinator for catering, staff, and overall set up, Ashley helped me with all the little details throughout the planning process that brought our day to life.  She took my vision of a minimalist, modern wedding and created all of our event signs when I couldn't find what I was looking for locally.


On the day of, in addition to helping me create the itinerary and reviewing the DJ script, she was the main vendor contact and ensured that everything was set up in each space perfectly, even when we had to move our outdoor ceremony inside hours before.  I didn't have to deal with anything except enjoying the day with my family and friends, which as a huge relief. If you are looking for a coordinator to help you with the big and small details, I would highly recommend hiring Ashley to help you bring vision (and lots of organization) to your day!   ~ Erin

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Ashley was our wedding planner and she did an amazing job! She’s very detail oriented and organized.


She met with me several times at the venue and planned out table locations and decorations, to ensure our day was stress free. She put together the garland and flowers on the tables and the mantle, as well as set up all of our decor with a smile on her face the entire time! 


She communicated with outside vendors and organized their arrival and departures. She even helped take everything down and box it all up for pick up the next day. 


We didn’t have to be involved in anything on our wedding day, except getting ready and enjoining our time with family and friends, that’s exactly how it should be!!   ~ Anita

Ashley was the Day of Coordinator for my wedding at a golf club venue; she helped set up the outside ceremony as well as the dining room, dance floor, special tables and photo booth. Our venue did not offer any services beyond space so having Ashley’s expertise the day before and the day of for set up was such a weight off my shoulders!


She made sure that everyone and everything was in the right place at the right time, and that the day's events went on without issue. She was even there for me during my planning process when I had questions or curiosities about the logistics behind needed wedding services, DIY projects to cut costs, and for much needed support during such a hectic and stressful time!


She was so amazing throughout the whole process and made everything so much easier for me on one of the happiest days of my life. I don't know what I would have done without her!   ~ Hannah

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Ashley brought so many ideas and options to our planning process. I do not know what we would have done without her help. Organization and efficiency are key components to her work. I will always be glad Ashley was a part of our day and grateful for her creativity to make our day so very special.   ~ Kelly

My husband and I were married May 19, 2012 in St. Simon’s Island, GA. Ashley offered to help with our wedding a year in advance and was a HUGE blessing to our family. She wanted to do it because she loves to help, is extremely organized, and has a passion for event planning. 


She was very busy with her own job at the time but still took our time to scout for venues and help with literally every aspect of our wedding. I was in nursing school at the time and stretched thin, so it was a huge blessing to have her to organize everything and keep us on a schedule. Our wedding was 8 years ago and as I look back at all of the emails we sent back and forth planning, I am amazed at how she covered every single detail. From sending reminder letters in the mail to the groomsmen about getting their tux, letting me know what items we’d need for decor, making sure the flowers were perfect, coordinating a timeline for wedding day, helping with wedding crafts, making sure everyone in the wedding party knew what was going on, etc. Those are just a few of the many things she helped with. She has a true gift for making someone’s event run seamlessly and most importantly-stress free! 


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I was able to enjoy my wedding day and not stress because of Ashley. She put out chairs, decorated our ceremony site, moved chairs from our ceremony site to the reception venue (this wasn’t easy-and was very hot too!), decorated our reception venue, and so much more. Basically all by herself and with little help. We had an early morning wedding at 11am, so I’m still in shock that she was able to coordinate everything in such a timely manner! But she did it with ease and our wedding day was beautiful. It was one of my most favorite days and I have Ashley to thank for it. 


One day when my children get married, I will without a doubt be hiring her to plan their wedding. If you are in need of someone to make your event beautiful, enjoyable, and stress-free, hire Ashley. I can’t speak highly enough of her!   ~ Rachel


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